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      High quality and durable

      The outstanding representatives of the current home textile market, from weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing the entire process of packaging, we have done very carefully, but also in environmental protection, also has a very good performance

      Excellent team, industry elite

      All the staff of the company have made great efforts to create famous brand products of distinctive features and quality with unremitting efforts. Company with high-quality personnel, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management

      Advanced process technology

      Textile Science and technology progress, advocate green consumption, to allow consumers to fully experience the charm of the brand culture brings, specialized in functional textile products, silk series, wedding series, fashion series

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      About us

      Taotech Digital Technology Co.,LTD is an excellent manufacturer in China which independently research and develop printing control system for printer and other special digital printing field.   We specially concentrate on R & D the high speed, high resolution and stable printer with E print head series and TOSHIBA print head series.   We devote to be a excellent digital printer supplier. At the same time, we are responsible to afford great support constantly.   We looking forward to cooperate with you on win-win situation!

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